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Tips Saving Wet Smartphone Because Rain/Water

For that this time we will share tips on how to save water-wet smartphones. What I mean here is not just wet from water splashing, but really wet because the water entirely submerged. So here's a few things you need to consider when gadget is water-wet.

Do not operate

The first step is actually simple but very hard to do is not turn on the phone itself when wet. I say difficult because my personal direct reflex when wet turn on my phone to check if it still works or not, and I 'm sure many of you are like that. Though it is highly fatal, powering mobile phones / gadgets in wet circumstances potentially damage the electrical components in the mobile phone itself, even worse because now most phones use touch screen that can be easily damaged if operated in wet conditions.

Battery Disconnect

After following the first step to not turn on the phone, remove the battery immediately. For cell phone batteries together with the body and was still alive when exposed to water, immediately turn off the phone. If the rear casing can be opened, sometimes there is a connection port to unplug the battery.

Drain as much as possible

Once the mobile phone / gadget we disable wet, dry it as much as possible by removing the water that is in the phone as much as possible. The easiest way is to remove the casing and the battery if possible, wipe with a dry cloth / tissue, and shook it so that all the water that is inside can get out. Noteworthy here is do occasionally use the excess heat to dry a wet cell phone. Many people who are thinking of using a mobile phone with a hot drying sun or even a hairdryer, when given excess heat can actually damage the components inside the phone.

Use Silica Gel

If you buy new shoes, new electronic or other packaging usually tucked inside a small white bag, in which there are clear white crystals, that thing called Silica Gel. Silica gel is used to absorb moisture so that the packaging is not damp and moldy goods are not packed. Now you can take advantage of this Silica Gel to dry a wet cell phone. The trick is to input some silica gel bags, put into zip-lock plastic ( resealable ) along with a wet cell phone, zip -lock his keys and let stand at least 24 hours.

Take advantage of Rice

Actually using silica gel is the most effective way to absorb water from a wet cell phone, the problem is not everyone has stock in his house silica gel, silica gel and not be sold freely in shops. For that you can take advantage of other goods more easily available to save your wet mobile phone. Rice works the same as silica gel, which absorbs humidity, so just enter the mobile phone into a wet plastic / jar and fill with rice to the brim, and let stand at least 1 full day.


So if the phone / gadget water-wet, should not panic, do the steps as we mentioned above. If no silica you can use rice that is easier to come by. But most importantly, when the phone ' buried ' in the silica / rice do occasionally open the container and then try turning on the phone just to check it is dry or not. Simply leave on the phone in the silica / rice in a sealed container for 1-4 days, longer is better just to make sure it is completely dry.

Saving the rain soaked Mobile Mobile Save a wet

Well if all else has been done but the phone / gadget you do not also come back to life is the wisest way to bring it to the authorized service center to be submitted to the experts.

For the record do occasionally lie to officials with the service center did not say your phone is dead due to hit the water, because some manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and others have some sort of sensor in the phone that can determine the phone died due to exposure to water or not.

5 Tips For Smartphone Battery Durable and Long Lasting

The battery is the main resource for Smartphone. As we know, a battery to store energy and release electrical current so that we can serve the handset properly. Smartphones today offer many features as well as specific applications very attractive.

Features of a smartphone is what causes the battery to be extravagant and fast heat. To avoid your Smartphone battery extravagant and broken the following we provide tips that can make your smartphone battery is durable:

Charging the battery for too long can make you a fast heat and also wasteful. Unplug your charger Mobile power battery is charged while one hundred percent

Turn off applications or features on your Mobile when it is not in use, it can help you save on your Mobile battery energy.

You can reduce the brightness of the screen on your Mobile, it also affects the brightness level of the battery energy consumption. In addition to saving energy in order to reduce the brightness of the screen can also maintain your eye health.

Reduce playing games on your smartphone because the longer you play the game make your Smartphone into a hot fast. Limit play games on your Smartphone to maintain the durability of the battery.

For certain types of Smartphones can usually replace a 2G to a 3G network. It also could affect, because when you are looking for smartphone network smartphone battery that moment you work harder, so that your smartphone battery to rapidly overheat.

Tips Bringing Smartphone When Travelling

Currently using a smartphone while traveling has become a must, it feels incomplete if it did not carry a smartphone when the roads. Then how can I make this smartphone can help or be a loyal friend to the maximum that can be used for traveling activities ?

Here are some tips that could be an option. Tip this time looks over how to maximize the use of smartphones when traveling.

1. Prepare equipment

Battery, charger or power bank is some equipment that should not be left behind when it will travel. Double-check the completeness of the equipment your smartphone. Prepare additional equipment if needed such as special plugs, extra plugs, or other necessary equipment.

If traveling abroad, there are some countries or certain areas that have different models of electric plugs with our country. You can also conducting a survey in advance over what equipment should you take before traveling.

2. Persiapakan battery

One of the main things that should not be overlooked is charge the battery fully before going traveling. Do not forget equipment such as chargers, power jack special. Take also the power of banks as a source of emergency power if the smartphone has begun to run out of battery.

2. Estimate the way to the use of battery

Estimate your trip and make arrangements or schedules smartphone usage in accordance with the distance. This is useful if you are using a smartphone photography hobby. Set also where the object really want to photograph what is not, not until when you want to capture images that you seek before you run out of battery charge.

3. Set mobile network

There are times when the signal in a particular region or area is not too good, is certainly an adjustment signal will drain the battery. Set the mobile network is good, if it were possible turn off the network in the worst signal areas, turn on again when the area was predicted to have a better network. You can turn off the signal during the trip, but this is not good advice for those who still need to contact someone else.

Use a backup phone with another number that is more resistant than the battery. It allows you to turn off the mobile network to your smartphone and provides a number if anyone wants to contact you.

4. Use the application as needed

Opening timeline Twitter or update status on Facebook and Path when traveling is exciting. Especially if you are going to do a Foursquare users check -in at each location you go. However, the use of the application should also be set so that you do not run out of battery when traveling.

Open social networks on a regular basis and only share content really interesting. Photos you take can be shared in part and partly again later when you have reached your destination or a place that provides electricity.

Game also become an attractive friend to get through the trip. But you still have to set it up, the setting can take place based upon your journey away. If it is not too much you can just play the game as much and leave little before the battery recharges, but if you travel far, you may have to postpone your favorite play games.

5. Traveling abroad

In addition to equipment connected to the battery, if you are traveling out of the country to be prepared is a phone card. Are you going to replace your card and use a local card or keep the default card. Survey What is the best card in the country that will signal you go along with what most internet package cheap and relevant.

6. Find free internet hotspot or network

Smartphone use is attached to the internet. If you want to save your data or pulse, begin to survey and locate the hotspots in your traveling destination. Hotel, dining or other locations may provide free Internet that you can use to access the application, social networking and other internet services.

8. Check your smartphone memory

Do not forget to vacate or move files that are less needed before you travel. Pictures or videos will surely saved many during the trip. Do not get it when they want to take a photo of your smartphone runs out of memory. When it came to the hotel or location of goal, you can move files that are less needed into your laptop ( if brought ) to avoid memory full smartphone.

If your hobby is photography using a smartphone, do not forget to always check the smartphone memory space And, this is done as a prediction process, how many more pictures you can take and how much should be moved.

9. Use power bank cedas

Power bank is used to charge the batteries when they start running low or running out, but you should use the power of banks is also used intelligently. Predict when you can recharge the power bank, so you can get maximum use. The thing to avoid is when the need to charge the battery, power bank had already exhausted because you use less than the maximum setting.


One of the core from the use of smartphones while traveling is planning. Especially for long trips where there may not be a place to charge the battery, or poor signal. Including planning for whatever activities to do with a smartphone while traveling, do not let cool to access the internet then forget your quota runs out, or cool to open a Twitter timeline and your battery runs out.

Cause Laptop Becomes Slow

For those of you that in doing activities with the laptop, it would feel annoyed if your laptop over time becomes slower. Durability owned laptop computer is different, usually the laptop is more vulnerable when compared with the computer.

Causes of a slow laptop can be from several factors, so you should be able to recognize obstacles in advance, the new can to try to fix it. This time JalanTikus will give tips to know the cause of the laptop to be slow.

Too many programs at startup
Startup is a program that switches itself on when the laptop is turned on for the first time, more and more programs will be more slow loading of your laptop. To find out, you can enter msconfig in the Run menu.

Laptop overheating
Laptops that overheat can cause the performance of the laptop to be slow, this usually happens because the work is so heavy laptop. To fix this, you can use coolingpad to help keep the laptop cool.

Surely many of you already know this, the virus can be a major cause your laptop to be slow.

Too many antivirus
Antivirus is an important protection for your laptop, but if you use too much antivirus, it can make the laptop slow. Choose one antivirus you believe, which is important you diligently to update the antivirus.

Problems on the hard drive
Because laptops are often taken away, definitely a lot going on the laptop you like shaken, hit, and so on. It can make a disk BadSector, often install and uninstall program can also make hard drive distracted.

memory shortage
Memory affects the performance of the laptop, this could be a major problem why your laptop 's performance becomes slow. Make sure you are using the OS that fits your laptop's memory capabilities.

Too many programs
Too many programs can make your laptop to be slow, especially programs that run in realtime, such as antivirus, firewall, and so on. It is recommended to store the programs that are important and you need it.

Tips for Smartphone Batteries Not Fast Out and Damaged

Smartphone battery is damaged or " leaky " due to the owner's lack of attention to take care of the battery. Even the battery could explode like a smartphone cases often arise. It is important to realize that taking care of smartphone users smartphone battery is a very important thing. In addition to avoiding damage, smartphone batteries treating will also be very useful for the lifetime of the battery. Lifetime battery will affect the " durability " of its smartphone battery. You also do not need to frequently recharge a smartphone if smartphonemu maximum battery lifetime.

Well, this time Jalantikus will share tips for caring for a smartphone battery. Here are the ways that you went so battery should you not quickly broken.

  1. Do not store batteries or smartphonemu at temperatures that are too hot or too cold. So do not try you leave the battery in a smartphone or a car / dashboard for a long time during the day. Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius will reduce battery performance smartphonemu.
  2. Do not put the battery with one another with poles interconnected. In addition, if you store a battery in conjunction with a coin or other metal object, the battery will be a trigger short-circuit.

To save battery life, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the GPS is not necessary. GPS lit continually create data packets continue to run and force the phone constantly in the position of " work " so that the battery was getting drained.
  2. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed. Just like GPS, this will only make smartphones consume more battery power.
  3. Routine check Task Manager, shut down applications that are running but not necessary. You have to do this check periodically. For example, every 1 or 2 hours.
  4. Adjust the brightness ( brightness of the screen ) on a small level. In addition to reducing battery consumption, it is also good for your eyes.
  5. Avoid the use of widgets is less need, such as animated wallpaper, for example.
  6. Use the application to monitor the battery power. This application can serve to monitor the temperature of the battery or the battery power consumption for each application on your smartphone.
  7. For a smartphone that features airview and eye gesture, these features should be turned off when not required.

Tips For Choosing A Quality Android Smartphone

Android smartphone operating system in the world is being loved, one reason is the android phones offer a variety of exciting features that are rarely found on other phones. In addition most of the android phone also has a very classy design, but choosing a quality android phones at affordable prices was easy - easy to hard. That's because many android phone vendors who do not pay attention to the balance of the performance of the phone is made ​​, therefore you should carefully when choosing a smartphone. And here we also have a bit of good tips on choosing a smartphone, just following these tips.

1. Screen resolution


From the search results we do we get the information that the android phone screen resolution is 320 × 480 lowest pixels, with a resolution like that android phones we have come across a lot of experience LAG. Especially when moving one menu to another menu, but that with the resolution as it was seldom that can do multitasking. So the resolution of the screen is also very important, and the standard screen resolution we recommend is 480 × 800 pixels.

2. Processor, OS and RAM


Well this is the most important part of an android phone that is often not taken into account layman, in many mobile phones that uses an 800MHz processor, OS android 4.0 ice cream sandwich and 512GB RAM. And the result is a quick phone becomes hot and likes ngelag because the processor is not balanced by the OS, processor and RAM as standard for android OS 4.0 is a 1GHz processor and 1Gb RAM. So if you want to buy a android phone to the above standards please choose a phone that uses a 1GHz processor, Android OS 4.0 and 1Gb RAM.

3. capacity Data


Today many mobile phones began to not use as extra storage and a microSD choose to enlarge the capacity of internal memory, but it is actually very dangerous. Because if the internal memory already holds data on more than half of the capacity provided phones usually start slow when used, especially if the internal memory is damaged it will be difficult to replace because of the limited supply of spare parts. So, select the phones that support microSD so if the full capacity can be replaced with a larger one and do not overload the phone.

4. 3G network


If the course is a 2G network supported by android phone to be a phone and sms including the internet access, but if you use the 2G network like internet access crashed. Therefore, choose a android phone which is equipped with 3G/HSDPA network so that you feel comfortable when surfing the internet.



If the rear camera does all the android phones also have it, but for the front camera still rare in particular android phone mobile lower middle class. However, the front camera is also quite important for mobile users who wish to try, especially for video calls, so choosing the existing android phone though only a VGA front camera.

6. battery


No matter how sophisticated smartphones when the batteries run out quickly so it's useless, and therefore choose android phone that has a durability of at least 1500mAh capacity battery.

7. Brand / Brand


Brand also affect the quality of a smartphone, because usually a famous brand that is certainly keeping the quality of the goods. Therefore it helps you choose the famous brand made ​​phone even though the price is slightly more expensive, than chosing cheap but the quality is also cheap.

Tips to Stop your Battery from Exploding

There is an accident due to heat burst your smartphone as usage or in charge while in use surf or telephone. usually it happens to smatrphone with local brands danger of a different quality to the brand is great , but there is also a smartphone made famous brands that explodes when in charge

Here's Tips To Keep In order Smartphones Not Explode
  1. Turning off the Internet connection when not in use. by turning off the Internet connection when not in need , is one way to reduce the heat or overheating that could cause a smartphone can explode due to overheating. due to the internet connection automatically disconnects also stop applications - applications which always require an internet connection. one example is a chat application that is always alive and always connected to the internet. you may have experienced while in use surf in a long time smatphone will definitely feel the heat in the hands. apart to avoid overheating smatphone this way can also be to save the battery.

  2. Do not Run Too Many Applications. if too many running applications certainly make the processor work hard and it will automatically raise the temperature of smartphones are in use and also the battery was working hard resulting in excessive heat and if it is in force may be exploding smartphone. so use the applications that need it, and close applications that are not in need.

  3. Maintaining Cleanliness And Battery Care. by keeping the ventilation holes of the dust that is in smartphones. This can help reduce heat smartphones currently in use. inspect and maintain the battery should also be done so that does not happen often shorted or explosion of the battery when in charge.

  4. Avoid From Direct Sunlight. exposed to direct sunlight can make you use a smartphone temperatures certainly will increase drastically. Avoid places like the dashboard of the car to put your smartphone. If forced to bring smartphones to areas with high temperatures such as beaches , then you should turn off your smartphone when not in use.

  5. Using Application tempratur Locator. Every smartphone is certainly designed to work at a certain temperature and may be impaired when forced to work in temperatures that are too high. to determine the definite temperature smartphone you use , you should download a smartphone application temperature indicator has been circulating in the official webstore famous OS , such as google play , or windows phone etc..
Actually there are many factors that cause the smartphone could explode. be of the smartphone maker itself, could have been a little mistake in the assembly of smartphones running smartphone that causes abnormal and could explode. or it could be from the negligence of smartphone users themselves.